Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter Catch-Up

Dear Henry, Oh Love, you are such an adorable, funny, charming 4 year old. Stay that way forever-

Hanging with Milly


Fun Pictures, Some holiday moments-
Hanging at Cabelas-

Henry got to do a crystal experiment with his Dad and it came with these goggles- Henry wore them for days!

Wet and Cold, but would have and could have shoveled all day if mommy let him

Santa's special helper

Thank you Hailey, Heath, Rory, and Paul for the AWESOME gifts!

Working with Dad

Monday, November 18, 2013

While on a family outing to Carino's

Henry: "Mom, I didn't know there were barrels in UT!"
(There was a barrel in the restaurant used in the decor)
Mom: "oh yeah? Where did you think they all were Henry?"
Henry: thinking...... "On Pirate ships!"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall is upon us -

Wow, this going to be a post covering the last several weeks... I cant believe I have gone so long without popping in- and... most of these pictures are not in order although are at least organized so they fall into the same activity - does that make sense? Anyway we are adjusting well to the new arrival of the 4th member of our little family. Although Millicent is almost 6 months(!) We are still learning every day. In September Henry participated in the Primary Program at church for the first time. He was adorable and did quite well. His part was this: "I know that Heavenly Father gave me my family, and I love when my mom dresses me" (He got to choose one thing he loves about his family, and uh... guess he likes that I get him dressed...which coincidentally I dont get him dressed anymore.. He pretty much does that on his own.) Anyway, he did very well and I am very proud of him. 
Within weeks of the program Henry gave his first talk in primary- With just a little bit of my help he wrote the whole thing. (wrote..said....whatever :))
Here it is:
  I know that Heavenly Father gives us families so that we can be happy. Families are good examples for us and help us to remember to be like Jesus. I am glad that we can read about families in the scriptures. I know that their stories can help me learn how to strengthen my family and be a good example.
Adam and Eve were good parents. We know that they taught their children about Heavenly Father.
Nephi was a good example to his brothers. He always listened to Heavenly Father even when it was really hard. Nephi went back to get the plates from Laban, who wanted to kill him, but Heavenly Father Helped Nephi, and made it so that Nephi could get the plates.
My cousin Finnley is a good example to me because he never fights with me when we play. He helps me remember the Heavenly Father doesn’t like us to fight with each other.
I am trying to be a good example to my little sister by being obedient and listen to my parents. Heavenly Father wants children to listen to and obey their parents.
 I know that by being helpful and obedient my I can help my family to be closer to Heavenly Father.
 In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Here are some of the fun Fall activities we've been enjoying:

Gardner Village Witch Hunt with Henry's best preschool friend, Arleigh - They are so sweet together, and we had so much fun!

Pumpkin patch field trip for preschool

Henry laid, organized and paired up all his outfits for the week this day. You can see them, but later he even added socks. Wow.

I LOVE the farmers market downtown and Saturday was the last day for the season so we made our way downtown and had a wonderful morning. We wandered the market, and visited Caputo's Market for the first time, and then went to lunch at Rio Grande Cafe and enjoyed some really yummy Mexican. It was such a nice day. The weather was incredible and it was so nice to be together.

Both Henry and Millicent LOVE Grandma Snow's cat, Spots

Henry tuckers out almost every day on the way to mommy's school where we switch off and Daddy picks em up. Its the perfect cat nap.

We enjoyed a beautiful drive one Sunday up to Silver lake. It was a little spontaneous and we didnt plan on getting out of the car, but we did, hence the lack of warm clothing. It was so peaceful though, and we captured some sweet moments. 

Henry and Ellie Joe (His sweet primary friend) after practicing the Primary Program)

Grandma Snow needed help cutting down 3 trees in the backyard before it got too cold. Henry LOVES to help and work in the yard. 

Not Henry's FAVORITE thing in the world but he did really well... It was sweet to watch him take bits and pieces in.

Henry LOVES his little sister

Getting ready for Halloween - Do you have a favorite?!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Proud Mama -

I have meant to write this post for weeks, but it's been busy winding down our last few weeks of summer fun. Henry is now my big 4 year old. I truly am a little sad about this - Why is it our babies have to grow so quickly? Well I took my little man in for his 4 year old visit to the doctor. We had talked for days about how we were going to see a new doctor, and that he was really nice, and really likes kids. We talked about how Henry needed to respond to the doctor in a loud, clear voice when asked questions - I really only talked so much about this to him because he is generally really shy to adult strangers.... Anyway, they checked his eye, and his hearing and then we waited for our turn with the Dr. Well, Henry did wonderfully. It was like I didnt even need to talk this whole thing up at all - well the Dr mentioned that Henry could get his kindergarten immunizations now, or next year. I decided to have him get them now so we could have them all behind us. I didnt say anything to Henry except for that the nice nurse was going to bring him in 2 cool band-aids... He just looked at me like he knew I was trying to get one past him... and he said "the band-aids are for after I get my shots?" I smiled and replied he'd get a couple, and that they might hurt for a minute and it was okay if he cried.. Well, the nurse walks in and before I can even brace myself for the struggle I thought he'd put up, he jumped up on the table, pulled his shorts up for the nurse, and laid down. He held my hands and winced, but that was it. THAT WAS IT! Wait, that was it?! He was such a big boy for his whole appointment, had a great conversation with the doctor, and I was SOOOOOOOOOO proud of my handsome little guy, and I just wanted to write down his very brave moment. I am such a lucky mommy-

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday dear sweet Henry

We were lucky enough to celebrate Henry's 4th birthday 3 times! First (which, because of my bad arranging, is that last picture on this post...) with his Goodwin cousins and the Pugmire side of the family. I dont have more pictures due to the fact that my camera died while at the party - boo. It was so much fun though. We celebrated Addi, Ty, Kaycee, Alyson, and Henry! We enjoyed amazing food, a pinata, unwrapping gifts which amounted to what felt like Christmas, and horse riding! I so wish I had a picture of Henry and I on the horse. He had so much fun, and if I'd known that we was all the sudden so brave I wouldnt have foolishly climbed on with him... but I did. 
Henry's second party was with the Snow clan on the Saturday before his actual birthday. He requested a monster truck bash, and while my intentions were good, he just got the monster truck cake. All in all, he had a lot of fun - He is very loved, and we are so grateful for such wonderful family and friends. 
The third celebration we had for Henry's Birthday was on his actual birthday - We enjoyed spending the morning at Seven Peaks ...well, we'll let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy!

Henry and Easton
Silly cousins

Among many many many wonderful gifts and birthday money Henry got his much wanted light up shoes! Thanks Aunt Jessica! Other gifts Henry adores include a curious George back pack and stuffed animal, a wallet, a cool red soccer ball, and so much more!

Tuckered out after a long, fun birthday party -
From Mom and Dad- Love you Henry!
AUGUST 5, 2013
Doing the dinosaur lily pads - Yahoo!
From Dad - Building a dinosaur together -
Enjoying Dinner at his 'favorite' restaurant - Noodles & Co.
Finished a wonderful birthday by playing at the Dinosaur play place at the mall!
Celebration number 1!

I just have to tell the world how lucky I fell to have this little man in my life. He is such an incredible boy with so much energy for life. He works hard, and plays hard. He is smart, and determined and I love him to the moon and back and back again. Happy birthday to the 2nd love of my life!